As well as coffee, we also farm macadamia nuts and run beekeeping and agroforestry projects.


We currently have 120 modern bee hives and harvest honey which is sold into the local market. The bees also act as pollinators for our coffee and macadamias (although these crops are majority self pollinated some cross pollinations does occur) and generally improve the health of all flora on the farms. We harvest the honey twice a year - normally at night so as not to disturb the bees! Our apiculture team clean the honey from the combs which are then returned to the hives.

Macadamia nuts

We have created a commercial macadamia plantation and a nursery where our specialised grafting team produce 10,000 macadamia seedlings per year. We currently have 4 macadamia varietal trees - Kiambu 3, Embu 1, Kirinaga 15 and Marangu 20 - all chosen for their superior flavour, high yield and ability to grow in a coffee/tea transitional zone.


In 2012, we established timber lots on areas of the farm that were not suitable for growing coffee or macadamias. We have planted approximately 50,000 trees - mostly Pine, Cypress, Cedrella Orodata and African Teak. We hope that these trees will have a beneficial effect on the environment by providing better moisture levels and assisting the wildlife who live on the farms.